Kill one and you might as well kill 21.

— Mark Martin
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Smiley Face -New Serial Killer Signature


Two retired NYC detectives, Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, have been trying to solve “Smiley Face” murder mystery for the past 11 years, connecting the drowning deaths of 40 young man across the country. In a number of cases, the detectives have reportedly found “a smiley face” caricature near the crime scenes thereby giving it the Smily Face Killer theory. It has been suggested that the smiley face “Signatures are ritualistic crime scene behaviors that are done for psycho sexual gratification.”

smiley face signature mysterious serial killer At least 50 men in 11 states have been found dead in the last 10 years, though no police department has said that the cases are connected. Their causes of death have been blamed on drunken accidents, as these young men were attacked while they were leaving parties or bars where they were drinking. All cases, except one – Chris Jenkins, a University of Minnesota student, was found dead in 2003 and was the only one whose cause of death was changed to homicide. When the detectives took a look at Jenkins’ death, they discovered that the position of his body and other physical evidence proved that the college student didn’t drown accidentally.

Paul McCabe of the FBI office in Minneapolis said the bureau investigated some of the deaths late last year and concluded that they were accidental drownings.

However, in city after city, the two detectives claim they found a smiley face painted somewhere at the crime scene, what they believe to be a sick signature claiming responsibility. And it looks to be the work of more than one person because there have been strikingly similar deaths and smiley faces in numerous cities and states, some in a relatively short time span, they assert. The detectives found the smiley faces in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa. Gannon and Duarte also came to the surprising conclusion that more than one person is involved in the murders:

“Because there’s such a wide range of states the killings are through,” Gannon said today in an exclusive interview on “Good Morning America.” “Besides the fact that we have multiple victims on the same night. “Right now really we’re out of finances and really can’t do any more on the cases. In fact, we looked at 89 cases in totality. We knocked out 30 right away and there was 19 cases that we haven’t even done yet and out of those 19, they look like at least 10, 15 of those could be connected,” Gannon said.

So far, all theories are acceptable, since there is a pretty good reason to believe these drownings are connected, however without any more evidence no one can be sure this is a work of a serial killer, or even serial killers. As Duarte said though, “It is almost a perfect crime”

-article by Kristi Piehl from ABC news, rewritten and adapted by admin-


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2 Comments to “Smiley Face -New Serial Killer Signature”
  1. Hannah says:

    Do you know how I could contact either Mr. Gannon, or Mr. Daurte?

    • admin says:

      Hello Hannah,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Unfortunately, I don’t have their contact information. Maybe you can try finding a message board where people discuss these murders. You might have more luck there 🙂

      Best regards!

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