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Serial Killings in Baltimore?


Jochiem Kalevra, a freelance crime journalist from Baltimore MD, shared this information with me the other day, and asked me to try and make it public, as no one will talk about the case.

In 1999 Baltimore city began a “revitalization” program, in which they tear down abandon houses, and rebuild them to improve the area. As they began tearing down the houses, they started to find human remains buried in the basements and foundations of the abandon homes. So far the total has been 51. At first police believed they were casualties from the Baltimore drug wars, but after researching the victims, they found the victims had something in common, and it wasn’t selling drugs. Police realized they had a serial killer hunting in Baltimore.

The victims were all registered sex offenders, rapist, child molesters, and pedophiles, each having spent short periods of time in jail for multiple offenses. The police and various other investigators began building a profile of the killer. They believe that killer uses the sex offender registry to research and find potential victims. Each of the victims had at least three offenses for which they were charged. Investigators believe he ambushes the victim, subdues them with Sodium Pentothal, takes them to an already pre-designated abandon house, tortures them, and kills them. All of the victims have been found dismembered.

Here is where the case gets really interesting. Police had no suspects in the killings, until 2008. At 3 am March 22, a Baltimore police officer pulled over a “suspicious” vehicle. When the officer searched the car in the trunk he found 2 suitcases filled with butchering tools, autopsy tools, various knives, power tools and Sodium Pentothal. The officer quickly took the man into custody. The man was 32 year old Ian William Davis, a Baltimore native. Davis was quickly turned over to the FBI and questioned by the BAU. They built a profile on Davis, which was extremely close to the previous profile established in 2004. The FBI believed they without a doubt had the killer. They also believed Davis was responsible for many more murders than they were aware of. The FBI believes that Davis is a compulsive killer, extremely organized and will not stop killing. They believe he is a hedonist killer, taking pleasure in the extreme suffering of his victims.

In may,2008 Davis was amazingly released from federal custody. Investigators had no evidence to hold him on any longer. Davis disappeared from Baltimore. In 2009 he resurfaced in Palm beach, Florida. He was arrested and spent time in prison for burglary and grand theft. At the same time, before Davis was arrested, 3 bodies of registered sex offenders were found in Palm Beach, and 6 more were considered missing. During the time of his incarceration the killings stopped. Davis was released in 2010, and according to DOC, left Florida. It is unsure if Davis has returned to Baltimore, but since 2009 there have been no more victims found in Baltimore.

As I had said before, this information was extremely hard to come by. I get the cold shoulder from everyone I talk to about the case. It is almost as if police doesn’t care. Any time I’ve tried to get information on the case I’m told to go do another story. I’ve put a lot of effort and research into a case that seems to be a dead end for one reason or another, and I believe people should be aware of what is going on.

Jochiem Kalevra

Please, let me know if you have any more information about this case, I would really appreciate it! You can leave comments here or email me and I will get back to you. Thanks!


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2 Comments to “Serial Killings in Baltimore?”
  1. Tim says:

    I’m a recently retired cop in Metro Atlanta and of the 29 years I was in law enforcement I worked 13 years as a detective working mostly crimes against children. If this person is responsible for killing these pedophiles I hope he continues and is never caught. I know anyone would think how can a retired cop say something like this…but after listening to some of the stories these children tell and seeing the fear in their eyes while telling you, I will not apologize for making this statement. If this causes these sex offenders to constantly look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives, so be it.

    • Tina.p says:

      I know what you mean I’m a woman that was abused when I was a kid and I don’t know why but it was like I was wearing a sign that said I’m young and dumb take advantage of me I was raped by almost everyone I came incontact with and it wasn’t like it happened once or twice it happened until I moved out of my mother’s in to the arms of my abusive husband and then when I had the guts to leave him I went out with my so called cousin and I got so fucked up I passed out and she left me in the room with her so called friends five men raped me I didn’t remember any thing I just knew for reasons they thought it was funny the only reason I didn’t call the cops was because I was embarrassed and I thought it was my fault and to tell you the truth even tho my friend tells me it’s not I still think it is and even after everything that has happened to me you would think I would want something bad to happen to them but I don’t I know God will take care of it and I forgive them because I’m not going to let them hurt me any more so I know you’ve seen a lot but I’ve been through it all trust me there was a time in my life where I wasn’t so forgiving and not just for them but for me I used to live on a destructive life so I hope you learn a lot from my life story and just pray for people like that


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