A clown can get away with murder.

— John Wayne Gacy
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Serial Killer Timothy Krajcir


A serial killer Timothy Krajcir who had confessed to nine cold-case killings, got away with murder for decades, police say. They say he preyed on women he could easily overpower. He always struck at night to avoid detection. When he killed, he never spoke of it to anyone. Police even say they considered a cop might be behind the killings.

timothy krajcir arrestedTimothy Krajcir was born in November, 28th, 1944, and has been in and out of prison since 1963, and will now serve 14 life sentences plus 80 years for murders and other offenses committed across three states, over a thirty year period. He minored in psychology and majored in administrative justice. Police chef Carl Kinnison explained why most people choose that major: “Most of the time, it’s people that are interested in pursuing a law enforcement career, someone who is interested in getting into police work.” He said Krajcir would stalk victims, break into their homes and wait for them. He had no connection to the victims or even the town where police said he committed the killings. He was looking for easy, unsuspecting targets, and all that in order to make sure he wouldn’t get caught.

However, he knew they would get him, sooner or later: “I’ve had conversations with him where he’s acknowledged that as the science grew, he knew that at some point this day was going to arrive,” Carbondale, Illinois, police Lt. Paul Echols told CNN. “He was aware of DNA technology and that he was part of that database — that someday that he would be matched. He knew it was coming.” And that’s exactly what happened when the DNA results came back – they were a perfect match. Krajcer then confessed to committing those crime, putting an end to nine killings that happened during the past thirty years.

For more information, make sure to check out this video from CNN:

A psychological profile from 1983, written by Dr. Paul Gross states that Krajcer didn’t have a good childhood: “His lack of stability was accentuated by a mother who he describes as cold and unaffectionate,
“He somehow tries to justify his behavior on his past childhood experiences and once was told by a therapist that he is action out his anger towards his mother on other women,” wrote Gross. “His rapes have been proceeded by intense fantasies of sexual abuse and rape on women.

This is not a new information, he confessed to the ninth murder back in 2007, but reading about it was interesting enough for me to decide to share it with you guys. I am wondering if a troubled childhood is really what made this man kill and rape over and over again during three long decades before getting caught? Blaming on troubled childhood and parents, especially mothers, sounds more like an excuse to me, but I do believe it has a great influence on one’s behavior. However, it’s what YOU do with YOUR life that really matters…

-article from CNN by Ismael Estrada, rewritten and adapted by administrator-


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