His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him, and he will never be any deader.

— Carl Panzram
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Serial Killer Steven Hobbs


Former security guard a 40 years old Steven Hobbs, married Texas father of two, charged with killing and assaulting prostitutes for the past decade, may be linked to several other unsolved murders in Harris County, investigators say.

Hobbs, 6-foot-4 former security guard, has now been in jail for about two weeks, accused of murdering two women in Harris County and assaulting four others, dating back to 2002. He was apprehended after a motorcycle officer in Pasadena stopped to set up a routine traffic radar site. That’s where he discovered what Bernstein (Harris County sheriff’s spokesman) described as “the key to everything” – a badly decomposed body of Wanda Trombley, 57, who had been missing since July. The body was about 30ft from the entrance to where Hobbs was working.

They began questioning prostitutes in that area. One of them, caliming to be a victim of rape, described him as “large white man with reddish-blond hair and thick eyeglasses” Two other prostitutes also told detectives they were assaulted by a man fitting Hobbs’ description wearing a security uniform. When detectives showed photos to the first victim they found, she identified Hobbs’ picture, saying she was “absolutely certain” that he was the man who had assaulted her.

Hobbs was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault, and also charged with the aggravated assault of 28-year-old prostitute Danielle Perfitt in June. He was then charged over the 2010 aggravated assault of 33-year-old prostitute Sandra Gunter.

This week, the Harris County District Attorney’s office charged Hobbs with strangling prostitute and mother of five Patricia Pyatt, 38, in 2002, and sexually assaulting a woman, whose identity is being protected. He was also charged with murdering prostitute Sarah Sanford, 48, who was found nude and bound with handcuffs in a wooded area about five miles from Hobbs’ home. She had been sexually assaulted and shot in the head. DNA from the handcuffs used to bind her, and from her mouth, matched that of Hobbs.

Investigators said today they are using DNA evidence to probe at least 15 past killings and believe Hobbs may be the culprit in some of them. Tracking down all of the alleged victims will be tricky. “There’s no way to put a count on the number of unsolved murders of women who may have been involved in drugs or prostitution, or both,” said Bernstein.

Hobbs will appear in court again on Dec. 6, but the case probably won’t go to trial for another year while detectives continue to examine old cases for any connections to Hobbs, who may now face the death penalty. For now, detectives are asking other women who may have been assaulted to speak up. “The more we publicize this, the greater the chance that someone who would have not have come forward because of their illegal activities will come forward now,” said Bernstein.

-articles from ABC News and Daily Mail rewritten and adapted by admin-


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4 Comments to “Serial Killer Steven Hobbs”
  1. Natolie says:

    This is a shot in the dark… Steven Hobbs has upper class family that I suspect may be trying to keep details of this case quiet because there are over 40 alleged victims yet still no major news coverage. The trial details are unknown to most. My sister is Danielle Perfitt and my mother is the “protected” victim who is really the one to blow open the case as she was the first to successfully identify where he worked by engraving every detail of what he said did and wore while she was in captivity. I am reaching out here now because I don’t know what to do to help my family. Steven was going to be tried in August 2015. So in April my sister was arrested for a string of gas station robbings. She was not involved and they have no evidence against her. Each time she has had a court date there is not even a judge present and a new date is issued. In early May they found my mother and arrested her for possession although she had no drugs or paraphernalia on her; my mother is not well and really can’t handle jail, she had a grand mall seizure in mass holding. Her court dates keep getting pushed back also. They both had tentative dates for August and were visited in their cells by “someone” that told them they were there because they are key witnesses in the Steven Hobbs trial… Which has again been postponed until December 2015. It seems to me their is a conspiracy to keep them locked say in county so that they can keep them under their thumb until the trial. That’s just wrong and who can you turn to when the justice system does whatever they want?

  2. Meredith says:

    Wanda trombley is my best friends mom and mine too. Our children all miss their grandma a lot. She was an awesome lady whom somehow made every breakfast holiday and days in general better. She didn’t deserve this.

  3. Nicole sanford says:

    I am sara sanford daughter. I jus want to say i loved her and miss her. He not only killed her but the ppl that love her. I know she is in heaven looking down .

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