If I could dig up my mother’s grave, I’d take out her bones and kill her again.

— Joe Fischer
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Peter Tobin May Have Been A Serial Killer


Police believe that Peter Tobin may be one of Britain’s most prolific serial killers, also known as Bible John. Following his conviction for murdering 15-year-old Vicky Hamilton, detectives believe that there is evidence to suggest he could have committed up to a dozen more murders.

photo of Peter Tobin

Peter Tobin was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting the 15-year-old schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton before cutting her body in half and burying her remains in the back garden of his house in Margate, Kent. He also put Vicky’s purse, near an Edinburgh bus station to lay a false trail for police. And it did work as no one ever suspected the girl was killed, they thought she ran away from home, until another investigation (the following case) linked Peter to both murders.

The 62-year-old man is already serving a life sentence for raping and murdering the 23-year-old Polish student Angelika Kluk and hiding her body in a Glasgow church.
A jury of 12 women and three men took less than two and a half hours to find him guilty of his second brutal, sexually motivated murder more than 17 years after the schoolgirl disappeared. Check out Peter Tobin trial: photo evidence, and an interesting video Peter Tobin guilty of murder

Police forces believe he could be found guilty for a number of other unsolved murders, and they have reopened the case files and examined a possible link to Peter Tobin. His movements around the country – he has lived in Bathgate, Paisley, Brighton, Margate and Portsmouth – place him in the right location to commit some of the murders. He has also become a prime suspect in the 40-year hunt for Bible John.

Former detective Joe Jackson, who investigated the 1960s slayings, said he suspected Tobin the moment he was arrested for Angelika Kluk’s killing in 2006.

He said: “I remember when Tobin got caught for the murder in the church. When I saw his photograph, I thought, ‘This is as near to Bible John as you are going to get. This looks a winner. He fitted the bill in every way and he had connections with religion. Looking at Tobin’s track record, he is someone who should be considered very, very carefully…

More about Bible John case and his similarity with Peter Tobin in the next post, coming tomorrow.

-article by James Matthews and Paul O’ Hare rewritten and adapted by admin-


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