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New Data On Highway Serial Killings By FBI


At present time, investigators with the Bureau believe there at least 15 cases along Interstate 4 could be connected to a serial killer. So a report has been issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigations offering details on a serial killing initiative the agency has been compiling since 2004.

Thanks to a highway serial database containing information from law enforcements agencies across the country, the FBI has gathered details on more than 500 victims and 200 suspects. So far, ten people have been arrested — all truck drivers — accused of more than thirty murders since 2004.

Most victims in these cases are women who lead high-risk, transient lifestyles and are often involved in drug use, the FBI said. “They’re frequently picked up at truck stops or service stations and sexually assaulted, murdered, and dumped along a highway,” according to the FBI’s report.

“The suspects are predominantly long-haul truck drivers,” reads the FBI’s website. “But the mobile nature of the offenders, the unsafe lifestyles of the victims, the significant distances and multiple jurisdictions involved, and the scarcity of witnesses or forensic evidence can make these cases tough to solve.”

In light of the new date, the FBI warns everyone to be smart when it comes to stopping along highways.
You can read the whole FBI’s report: Highway serial killings – New Initiative on an Emerging Trend

-article by Kelly Joyce rewritten and adapted by admin-


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