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Man Says He Killed 11 Women in Five States


A 51 year old Charles Timothy Krauss, known to some as Tim Foster, picked up in Pearl, Mississippi last week driving a stolen pick-up truck, claimed to have murdered at least 11 women. He is currently in custody in Mississippi, they plan to give him a lie detector test to determine which of his statements may be a lie.

Charles Krauss alleged serila killerCharles Krauss from Tennessee was caught driving a stolen truck as he was passing through Pearl, Mississippi, on his way to visit relatives in Florida. During the chilling confession, he claimed to have abducted prostitutes from five states, raped and strangled them before digging their graves.
Krauss even went as far as providing names of his alleged victims and the locations where he had murdered them. But no bodies have been found and at least three of his alleged victims turned out to be alive.

Charles Krauss told detectives he’s been murdering prostitutes across the country in Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana and Oklahoma since the late 1980s. They are not sure why he’s coming clean now. “Some, it’s for attention, some confess to try and receive a break on their current charges and then some individuals have been known to confess to murders after they’ve committed them because they are tired of the lies,” said Tulsa Police Detective Vic Regalado.

In Tulsa, Krauss claimed to have strangled a woman on Aug. 2, a prostitute by the name of “Nikki”, after meeting her at a convenience store. “There’s enough there to make us think it could have been true.” said Tulsa homicide Sgt. Dave Walker. He told police they had sex and made plans to meet on Tuesday. Krauss says the next day he goes to Lowe’s to buy rope and garbage bags, then heads to 6500 south Riverside to “pre-dig” a three foot hole. He says after digging the hole, he heads to Gold’s gym, works out, then goes to this movie theater and watches Thor. Once the movie was over, he heads back to Quiktrip to pick up “Nikki.” Krauss admits to strangling her to death.

Police said there aren’t any missing women named “Nikki” that they know of, and the body has not been found yet. However the description of the location where he claims he killed her was very exact, so police are still investigating. They are planning to look through CCTV footage of a shop in the area where Krauss claims he bought caustic soda, garbage bags and rope. If it turns out Krauss lied about each of the alleged murders he will be charged with giving a false statement to police officers, which is a felony.

Anyone who may have spotted Krauss in Tulsa last week, possibly at QuikTrip, Lowes or a pawn shop, should call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS or the homicide tip line (918) 798-8477. You can also email police at [email protected]

-articles from kjrh.com and dailymail.co.uk, rewritten and adapted by admin-


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One Comments to “Man Says He Killed 11 Women in Five States”
  1. Brenda McNeely says:

    I am interested in any updates on this story, and this man. I found a related article that had a woman named Sandra Hale Plumley listed as a possible victim, and Sandra is the mother of my daughter-in-law and she has other children as well. She has been missing for 10 years now, and I have been trying to help this family find out any information about their mother, either to find her, or to have some closure. My phone number is 423-368-7154 if needed.
    Thank you, Brenda McNeely

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