They were worthless as cockroaches to me. Toward the end, I could not sleep at night if I had not killed one of them that day.

— Saeed Hanaei
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Accused Serial Killer Cody Legebokoff


Cody Legebokoff, also known online as 1CountryBoy, a 21-year-old man who was already charged in the slaying of a 15-year-old girl has now been charged in the deaths of three women, dumping bodies in the backwoods during a year-long violent spree.

Cody Legebokoff was charged in late 2010 with first-degree murder in the death of Loren Donn Leslie, 15, whose body was found on a remote logging road last November, and has been in custody since then. Police arrested Mr. Legebokoff after a Vanderhoof RCMP officer returning from a meeting with colleagues spotted a 2004 GMC pickup truck speeding away from an unused logging of Highway 27 road at night. A conservation officer, who originally thought he was investigating a report of poaching, found the body of Ms. Leslie, whom police say had been murdered only hours before.

This week, RCMP disclosed Mr. Legebokoff is facing three further first-degree murder charges in the deaths of three women. All were reported missing between 2009 and 2010. Police found the remains of two, but have enough evidence to charge Mr. Legebokoff in all three. Stuchenko, 35, was found dead in a gravel pit off Otway Road, on the outskirts of Prince George, in 2009. Montgomery, 23, originally from Quesnel, was reported missing in August 2010. Her body has not been found, but police say they are working hard to locate her remains. Maas, 35, went missing in September 2010. Her remains were found in L.C. Gunn Park, in a remote area of Prince George, the following month.

On Tuesday, school superintendent Charlene Seguin said the chilling developments were at odds with the young man teachers recall as a student in the community’s secondary school. He graduated in 2008 and moved to Prince George, where he worked at a car dealership for about a year.

“He was a typical kid. There was nothing remarkable – I use the word to say there is nothing that would point us in this direction,” – Ms. Seguin said.

At a news conference in Prince George, attended by members of the media and representatives from local First Nations communities, police said they believe Legebokoff acted alone. They said the investigation was “far from over,” as investigators are looking for witnesses and additional victims. It’s believed Legebokoff used the internet and social media websites to meet women, frequently using the online name 1CountryBoy, and he lived in Lethbridge, Alta., from June 2008 to 2009, said police.

Police are asking anyone who had any contact with Mr. Legebokoff to contact them.

“There’s a possibility he’s meeting people online and that a lot of these people may be people we want to talk to,” Insp. Fitzpatrick said. “They may have information. He may have corresponded with them. He may have tried to meet them. They may know where’s been.”

-articles from CBC News and rewritten and adapted by admin-


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