I’m a sick person. I know that. How could a normal guy do what I did?…It was like another guy was inside me.

— Albert De Salvo
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Mobility – Stable vs Transient


The Stable Killer (eg. Gacy, Dahmer) –

  • Lives and works in one location for an extended period.
  • Hunts and kills within the local area.
  • Disposes of bodies in the same or similar areas.
  • Disposal site selected for concealment.
  • May return to the crime scene or burial site.
  • Seldom travels, but when forced to travel it is usually for business, family visits, or personal recreation.

The Transient Killer (eg. Bundy, Lucas) –

  • Seldom stays in one spot more than a few weeks.
  • Kills are spread out over a large area.
  • Disposes of bodies in random locations.
  • Disposal site selected for convenience.
  • Seldom returns to the region of the crime.
  • Travels continuously either for pleasure, to confuse law enforcement, or for new hunting grounds.