It was my task to take out the organs while Pandy was cutting up the remains. I just used a kitchen knife.

— Agnes Pandy
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Differences Between Mass, Spree and Serial Killers


Atributes Serial Killers Mass Killers Spree Killers
Victim Count 5+ 3+ 4-5+
Victim Rate Months-Years Hours-Days Days-Weeks- Months
Kills At Victim Rate 1-2 at one time many at one time 1-2 at a time
Common Killer white/male/20-30 White/Male/25-40 White/Male/20-30
Common Kill stabbing/strangulation shooting Stabbing/Shooting
Common Weapon knife/binding gun Knife/Gun
Common Victim Females(Trait) Females(Mostly) & Males Females & Males
Organization Type Disorganized/organized (3/4) Disorganized Disorganized
Motive Sex/Rejection Rejection/Revenge/ Deranged Rejection/Revenge/ Deranged
Rape/Sadism Yes(Org.)/Yes(Disorg.) Rare/No Maybe/No
Killing Attitude To Go Uncaptured Uncaring/Suicidal To Go Uncaptured