I know that the dead bodies cannot defend themselves. I should like to torture people, even after they are dead.

— Wilhelm Stekel
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Serial Killer Quote of the Day


Serial Killer Quote of the Day by johnny trevisani is the strangest thing you will read this year. The book features the most extensive collection of serial killer quotes you will find anywhere. You will hear them describing their despicable deeds and get a bizarre and disturbing glimpse into the warped minds of people who kill, and kill, and kill again. The book containes 365 quotes for every day of the year and each month a new serial killer is featured along with some basic info and fun facts!

Johnny trevisani was kind enough to do an exclusive interview for readers of twistedminds.com. Also, don’t forget to check Serial Killer Quote of the Day on amazon.com.


You will be amazed, horrified, and fascinated. You may find the thoughts expressed uncomfortably similar to your own. You may dip into this book each morning, finding inspiration in nightmarish acts and deranged flights of fancy. You may stay up late at night, and read the whole thing in one sitting.
The people in these pages are mass murderers, kidnappers, rapists and child molesters, mad bombers, necrophiliacs and cannibals. Some are totally insane, suffering from paranoid delusions. Some are all too normal, at least on the surface. They all destroyed countless lives – not just of the people they killed, but of the family and friends who lost their loved ones.

What made you interested in this dark world of serial killers?

johnny trevisani: I read a quote from Jeffrey Dahmer that got me interested. The quote was: “The refrigerator broke and the meat spoiled.” The quote came from when police investigate the odor that was coming from his apartment. It was that quote that I became curious about what other quotes from other serial killers. What I found was chilling, revolting and incredibly intriguing..

How did you get the idea to write the book this way?

johnny trevisani:: I originally wanted a ‘page-a-day’ calendar… something like those Far Side calendars, except with Serial Killer Quotes. Not too many people buy those anymore so I switched it to a book format.. besides, I could include more information in a book.

How did you collect all these quotes?

johnny trevisani: At first I researched online but found myself reviewing old court transcripts, police reports, etc.. via all available methods. Once I gathered a good collection, I created a database that allowed me to sort and categorize the quotes. The database is now what feeds my two apps, the website and the facebook page.

There are a lot of serial killers featured here, do you have a favorite one? Or a favorite quote?

johnny trevisani: It never feels right to say that I have a favorite quote but there are many that stick in my head. The Dahmer quote: “My refrigerator broke and the meat spoiled.” or Bundy’s: “Murder is not about lust and it’s not about violence. It’s about possession.” are so eerie.

Have you ever met a serial killer or have you talked to someone who has?

johnny trevisani: I have not met or spoken with a serial killer. I did know someone that claimed to have met Gary Heidnik back in the early 1980s.

If you had to befriend a serial killer who would you choose and why?

johnny trevisani: I find Ed Kemper very intriguing; he’s still alive. So I may have an opportunity to visit with him and interview him. He was so gruesome and twisted but yet so quiet and intelligent. I am drawn to the dichotomy. Most people described Ed as quiet and courteous guy but he had a deranged other side.

In your opinion, what would be a perfect punishment for their crimes?

johnny trevisani: Serial Killers wouldn’t respond to punishment (if that’s what our criminal justice is meant to do). Some people, like Carl Panzram, were just evil personified; there was nothing society could do to Carl that would have any impact on his behavior. And other killers, like Ed Kemper, merely wanted to kill his mother. But he wanted to practice on others before he did murdered his mother. I guess he was a perfectionist. And he turned himself in after he killed his mother. Again… punishment would have no effect on Ed either.

Do you think psychopathic behavior can be cured?

johnny trevisani: Psychopathic behavior can be managed but not cured. For serial killers, many have been diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenic, which are treatable but not cured.

Do you have something else to share with my readers?

johnny trevisani: While writing and researching this book, I found myself purposely stepping away from the content. The topic and content is much too gruesome not to have an effect on someone and I found myself needing to take a break. Who wouldn’t really? If you were picking a quote to use and deciding between whether to use a quote about the killer raping the skull of a victim or eating the remains of a victim, you would step away too.