I’m glad they caught me, because I’d do it again.

— Arthur Gary Bishop
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A Serial Killer on The Loose?


A man’s body was found in the killing field on Monday, where the remains of five women have been unearthed – the latest one last week. Lenasia police spokesman Captain Mbulaheni Netshivhodza said the cases could not be linked, but condoms found at the scene could give a clue regarding the killers and killings.

The shock discovery of a Soweto woman’s skull – sticking out of a shallow grave near a railway line – has unearthed a killing field of […] Continue Reading…


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New Photos From Anthony Sowell’s Home


Anthony Sowell, an accused serial killer facing death penalty, was arrested when bodies of eleven woman were found in and around his home last fall. Now, the police released exclusive photographs of the crime scene, taken inside his home.

Last November, Cleveland Police discovered the remains of nearly a dozen women inside Sowell’s house on Imperial Avenue. Bodies were found throughout the home and also in the yard. There were multiple shallow graves in the basement. Police say in […] Continue Reading…


Was Vampire Rapist a Serial Killer?


John B. Crutchley was convicted and sent to prison for kidnapping and raping a young hitchhiker in 1985. The girl managed to escape, and Crutchley plead guilty to rape. Now, he is a suspect in more than 30 homicides or missing women cases.

John Crutchley, with this terrifying crime earned the nickname of the “Vampire Rapist” – he kidnapped the girl and, while she was tied up, he inserted a hypodermic needle into her arm and attached it to a […] Continue Reading…


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Turkish Police Has a Suspect in Custody


Authorities yesterday arrested Hamdi Ayri (27), the man responsible for three murders in three days in the Izmir province, and in his confession, the killer said he did it for money.

Police teams arrested Hamdi Ayri (27) in Mu?la’s Bodrum district in the early morning hours on Wednesday following an intensive effort that involved 350 police officers from Izmir as well as cooperation from law enforcement and judicial authorities in Mugla. Police tracked the suspect through victim Mustafa Has’ mobile […] Continue Reading…


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A Fear of a Serial Killer in Izmir


Three murders in three days have led locals to believe a serial killer is on the loose in Balçova, Izmir province. The MO in all three killings is similar, but the authorities are no yet sure if they are a work of a serial killer.

The last victim, a 30-year-old transvestite, Mustafa As, was murdered on Monday night when he was shot in the head in the Konak district. They first thought he was asleep but realized he was dead […] Continue Reading…