I wished I could stop, but I could not. I had no other thrill or happiness.

— Dennis Nilsen
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New Method For Fingeprint Discovery


Scientist have developed a new, better way of lifting fingerprints on bullets and fragments of explosives even if a criminal has tried cleaning/wiping the evidence. This new technique has been discovered by John Bond, a British physics, whose method British and US authorities have already used to re-open three cold cases.

Fingerprints are a crucial evidence and the conventional method of taking fingerprints has been around for more than 100 years and involves creating a chemical reaction with the sweat […] Continue Reading…


Welcome To Twisted Minds


Hello and welcome to my page. This time I am just going to make a small introduction so you can enjoy your stay even more. As you can see, this website is about serial killers and psychological disorders of modern world. I will be updating regularly (at least once a week) with fresh case files, and shocking stories about murder and psychopaths.
As it’s getting quite late over here, and I really need my sleep, I am going to continue […] Continue Reading…


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