You don’t understand. You are not capable of it. I am beyond good and evil.

— Richard Ramirez
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Mystery Woman May Be Serial Killer Victim


A man police suspect is a serial killer is awaiting trial in Los Angeles for two murders and an attempted murder. Authorities are investigating whether there are more victims in a spree that may have lasted 15 years or more.  They’re also seeking the public’s help in identifying a woman photographed with the alleged murderer — a woman they believe may be a victim of Michael Gargiulo.

Michael Gargiulo, 32, an air conditioning repairman from Santa Monica has been […] Continue Reading…


A Tape From 1987 May Reveal A Serial Killer


In order to catch a serial killer who has claimed the lives of at least 11 South L.A. prostitutes, police announced that they will release a recording of the mysterious phone call to the public; After murder of Barbara Ware, an informant called the police, telling them about the body.

It’s been over two decades since LA detectives were trying to solve the murders of at least 11 prostitutes, with no luck, as there were no clues to follow. One […] Continue Reading…


Serial Killer On The Loose In Guwahati


It is suspected that a serial killer is on the loose in Guwahati, leaving its streets in fear. Four beggars have been killed since the first week of January. Most of the people were attacked on this stretch, which is the city’s high security zone. Several such homeless people have been injured in the attacks.

The mysterious serial killer, killed another male beggar in the Paltanbazar area, just four days after he claimed his sixth victim, police said […] Continue Reading…


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Texas ‘Bathtub Killer’ to be executed


The 35-year old Dale Devon Scheanette from Texas, convicted in a 1996 case in Arlington known as the bathtub murders is to be executed. The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday that, 13 years after the crimes, the state plans to execute him. He was found guilty of killing Wendie Prescott, 22, and Christine Vu, 26, who were found strangled in the bathtubs of their east Arlington apartment complex.

“The crime scenes were absolutely horrific – brutal and violent, the worst […] Continue Reading…


A Korean Serial Killer Kang Ho-Soon


Kang Ho-soon, 38, a South Korean serial killer, suspected of murdering seven women, was arrested on Januray 25th, for murdering a female university student. Last Friday,he confessed to the slaying and to fatally strangling six other women, who went missing between December 2006 and November 2008, with stockings in one of South Korea’s worst serial murder cases.

“Appearances are often deceiving”. This saying can be used no better to describe a serial killer Kang, whom his neighbors and co-workers described […] Continue Reading…