What I did is not such a great harm, with all these surplus women nowadays. Anyway, I had a good time.

— Rudolf Pleil
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Russian Serial Killer Poisoned 13 People


Russian serial killer, Alexei W, 23 years old man, put powerful tranquillizers in brandy and then invited people to share a drink and toast with him “on the birth of his little daughter.” He was arrested and suspected of having murdered at least 13 people and injured another 12, some of them seriously, over a period of three years.

According to the police, the suspect had arrived in Moscow from Vladivostok in eastern Russia, where he had previously been imprisoned […] Continue Reading…


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New Look At Unsolved Colonial Parkway Murders


Between 1986 and 1989, at least eight people (four couples) were murdered along a Virginia route known as the Colonial Parkway. All four cases involve the slaying or disappearance of young people who were traveling by car in isolated areas. Two people are missing or presumed dead. The person responsible for these murders has never been caught.

The FBI believes those crimes are related (they were all young couples in “parking” situations in secluded areas), and there is a […] Continue Reading…


Identified Body From 1987, Police Suspect A Serial Killer


A television drama “The Forgotten” helped identify a Jane Doe whose body was dumped along Interstate 70 in Englewood 22 years ago, possibly by a serial killer.

DNA tests confirmed that the body found in 1987 belonged to a 21-year-old Paula Beverly Davis of Kansas City, said Ken Betz, director of the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab.

The victim’s sister called police after watching the ABC TV show “The Forgotten,” which deals with a fictional group of volunteers who help […] Continue Reading…


Serial Killer Peter Tobin Linked To A Pedophile Ring


Serial killer Peter Tobin is being investigated for his suspected part in a pedophile ring that abused children during the 1980s and 1990. A car driver (a witness who tipped police off) claims Tobin and at least two others carried out the attacks in Portsmouth.The inquiry is part of a wider probe into Tobin, 63, who has been convicted of the murder of three young women.

A police source said: “Along with Tobin, we have been given the names of […] Continue Reading…


New Data On Highway Serial Killings By FBI


At present time, investigators with the Bureau believe there at least 15 cases along Interstate 4 could be connected to a serial killer. So a report has been issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigations offering details on a serial killing initiative the agency has been compiling since 2004.

Thanks to a highway serial database containing information from law enforcements agencies across the country, the FBI has gathered details on more than 500 victims and 200 suspects. So […] Continue Reading…


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