I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill.

— Ted Bundy
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Rodney Alcala Convicted Of 5 Serial Slayings


Serial Killer Rodney Alcala was convicted of five serial slayings, for the third time, after being sentenced to death twice for killing the Orange County girl, but both convictions were overturned. He is also suspected in up to 30 more deaths.

A jury convicted Rodney Alcala, 66 years old amateur photographer, Thursday of murdering a 12-year-old girl and four women in the late 1970s, setting the stage for a possible death penalty in a legal saga that has dragged on […] Continue Reading…


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Suspected Serial Killer Rodney Alcala’s Trial


Rodney Alcala, 66 years old former Los Angeles Times typesetter and amateur photographer, alleged serial killer with a genius IQ, is on trial for the murder of four women and a young girl between 1977 and 1979.

The trial against 66-year-old Rodney Alcala is winding down after more than a month of testimony that included several bizarre twists in which the accused murderer questioned himself on the stand – Alcala is acting as his own attorney. Alcala is currently […] Continue Reading…


Suspected Irish Serial Killer To Be Freed


Larry Murphy, a suspected Irish serial killer is due to be freed in August this year, authorities have confirmed. Murphy is one of Ireland’s most notorious criminals and he is a suspect for the disappearance of some of the six women missing in Leinster in the 1990s.

One of the Larry’s victims is believed to be an American Irish woman, 26-year-old Annie McCarrick, from New York who returned to Ireland in 1993 after attending college there and falling in love […] Continue Reading…


Serial Drownings – Mississippi River in La Crosse


Eight drunken men have drowned in the Mississippi river in the La Crosse area since 1997. The rumors of a serial drowner on the loose in La Crosse are resurfacing again after the body of 21-year-old Western Technical College student Craig J. Meyers was found in the river the day before yesterday.

Meyers went missing after attending a wedding reception at a La Crosse bowling alley, and visiting two bars on Saturday night. He was found Tuesday in 25 feet […] Continue Reading…


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Rampage Shooting At Alabama College


Dr Amy Bishop Anderson, now 42, a biology professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, is accused of fatally shooting three colleagues and injuring three others at a faculty meeting on Friday. Police Department recalled that Amy Bishop had murdered her 18 year old brother, Seth back in 1986, but it was ruled out as an “accident”.

The 40-year-old, Harvard-educated geneticist and her husband, Jim Anderson, are credited with inventing a mobile cell incubation system touted as a replacement […] Continue Reading…