I just wanted to see how it felt to shoot Grandma.

— Edmund Kemper
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Woman Goes On a Gun Rampage In German Town


Four people are dead and two others injured, after a woman opened fire in an apartment building, and then in a hospital in south-western Germany last night, before police shot her dead in a hail of bullets.

Woman goes on a gun rampage in St.Elisabethen hospital

There was a ‘loud explosion’ around 6pm local time at a nearby apartment block in which the bodies of a man and a child were found. “We were playing with the children in the garden when there was a huge explosion that shook the house,’ said Ayed Centinier, who lives in the apartment block next door. “Firefighters were called out to an explosion at an apartment in a street near the hospital. Soon afterward, firefighters found two bodies in the apartment.” It was unclear what the relationship was between the gunwoman and the man and child who were killed in the apartment. They are believed to have been shot but investigators are awaiting confirmation from a post-mortem examination. A woman, allegedly armed with a weapon, was seen running from the scene of the blast into the neighboring St Elisabeth hospital.

The female killer then moved through wards at the hospital, shooting at staff and patients with a sub-machine gun. Police said two people were killed inside the hospital and that a police officer was seriously wounded. Investigators said they were relieved that no one else was hurt during the shoot-out in the hospital. “There was a very heavy exchange of gunfire in the hospital that had the potential to be very dangerous, but based on what we know right now … no one else was injured,” said a state prosecutor, Dieter Inhofer. The woman was killed in the exchange of gunfire shortly after she started shooting.

The police said the woman opened fire in the gynecology unit of the hospital and according to local reports managed to fire off several rounds during the incident. A motive for the shooting has not yet been established but at a news conference, German prosecutors said a domestic dispute may have triggered the shooting.

-articles by Tony Paterson and Jo Adetunji rewritten and adapted by admin-


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