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Springville Serial Killer Arrested


A 21 years old William Inmon who confessed to killing three people on Wednesday and pronounced himself a serial killer told authorities he committed the crimes because one man shot his dog, he didn’t want the second to hurt anyone else and his attempts to get a 16-year-old off drugs failed.

Authorities said his killing spree started in April 2007 with William “Stoney” McCarragher, 72. Inmon was interviewed in 2007 as a potential suspect but he denied killing William, stating how “the whole town is suspect because a lot of people did not care for Stoney” He told prosecutors that McCarragher inappropriately touched him when he was working on his property and also stated that another person shared the similar experience with him. He confessed to the murder saying how he didn’t want McCarragher to violate anyone else.

His second victim, Achten, a Vietnam veteran allegedly used drugs, shot his dog, and generally mistreated people, so he believed he had a duty to rid society of him. Inmon told the authorities he chased the victim toward a motor home and then shot him multiple times inside the home with a .22-caliber rifle.

As for his third victim, a 16 years old Ricky Flores, Inmon told authorities he wanted him to change his life, authorities assumed drugs were the issue. He allegedly picked Flores from his home and the two of them argued about Flores’ drug use. Inmon then drove him outside town where he chased him down and killed him with a single shot from a .12-gauge shot gun in his left ear.

Inmon was proud of committing the murders of Achten and McCarragher, but admitted he was remorseful about the death of Flores – one of only three moments when he showed real emotion and broke down to tears. Apache County Attorney Michael Whiting said Thursday that Inmon’s overwhelming motive in the murders was that he wanted to rid society of less-than-desirable people. He told authorities he would have continued his vigilante killing spree had he not been caught.

“This is the best result for the justice system, the community, and most importantly for the victims’ families,” said Whiting. Whiting agreed not to seek the death penalty based on the suspect’s age and on his cooperation with law enforcement. faces prison sentences of 25 years to life on each of three counts of first-degree murder.

-article by Felicia Fonseca rewritten and adapted by admin-


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