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South Carolina Serial Killer


Police in South Carolina say they have a serial killer on the loose. In the past week, four people have been murdered in and around the town of Gaffney. All the crime scenes are within miles of each other. “Let me say that, under the FBI’s definition of a serial killer, yes, we have a serial killer,” Sheriff Bill Blanton told reporters.

sketch of a South Carolina serial killerThe first shooting happened Saturday, when peach farmer Kline W. Cash, 63, was found dead by his wife in their home, said Leigh Caldwell, a victims services coordinator for the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Bill Blanton said Cash’s home may have been robbed.

On Wednesday, the bound and shot bodies of 83-year-old Hazel Linder and her 50-year-old daughter, Gena Linder Parker, were found in the mother’s home, where she lived alone. “We’re still trying to determine if anything’s missing from there,” Blanton said.

Thursday night brought two more shooting victims — 45-year-old Stephen Tyler was found shot dead and his 15-year-old daughter wounded in the family-run furniture and appliance store, Tyler Home Center, said Chief Rick Turner of the Gaffney Police Department. He would not say whether the Tylers were bound.

Authorities began circulating a flier announcing a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Cash’s killer. The flier provides a composite sketch and description of the suspect and a picture and description of his SUV, that witnesses claimed they saw when he killed Tylers.

“Somebody knows this man
,” Blanton said. “It’s easy to change his appearance. We assume he did, but he can’t change his height and hasn’t had but five days to change his weight,” he added.

About 100 investigators from North and South Carolina were working the case. “I think our community has a right to be concerned,” he said. “We’re concerned. We’re dealing with a man that’s killed four people.” He urged residents to check on relatives, especially those who live alone. “We’re asking the people in our community to be vigilant, to report anything.”

-article from CNN crime rewritten and adapted by admin-


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