My motto is: Rob ’em all, rape ’em all, and kill ’em all.

— Carl Panzram
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Serial Killer Theory Confirmed


The theory of a serial killer stalking Kurla has now been confirmed. The first and second rape and murder of minor girls in Nehru Nagar was carried out by the same person, as the DNA from the vaginal swabs have matched.

On February 9, a five-year-old girl’s body was found stuffed in a gunny bag at a staircase in a Nehru Nagar building. A month later, on March 7, a riot-like situation had erupted in Kurla (east) after a nine-year-old girl Anjali Jaiswal was found raped and murdered on the terrace of the police quarters opposite the Nehru Nagar police station – the DNA shows both murders have been carried out by the same person.

The police is now waiting for the reports from the vaginal swabs of nine-year-old girl Nusrat Khursheed Alam Sheikh. Sheikh had been missing since June 6 was recovered dead in a decomposed condition at an abandoned room at Vatsalatai Naik Nagar on June 19. “We are now awaiting reports of the third rape and murder to confirm the role of the same person,” added the officer. They already arrested Mohammad Ajmeri, who is known for his violent behaviour, for allegedly raping and murdering one of the girls. The medical reports however, and a DNA test of Ajmeri proved negative.

The police has stated that citizens are coming forward to help them and not creating any law and order problems in Kurla. “Citizens are cooperating with us. This is a time when the entire force is working to crack the case,” added the officer.

So far, since the first rape and murder in February, police has tested the DNA samples of over 300 people – with no luck. They believe the man responsible for these crimes is a local and was aware that over 70% houses at Vatsala Tai Nagar and the nearby slum remain locked for three months during summer. That helped him hide and leave the place after committing the offenses.

In further investigation they discovered that the killer left a two-rupee coin next to each of the three girls’ bodies. “We are investigating this angle. It might yield a glimpse into his mind,” officials said. Bar owners are asked to provide information on any suspicious visitors. A policeman added that people often reveal many things under the influence of alcohol and information overheard in bars by informers or cops has in the past helped nab many criminals. The officer said that apart from bars and sensitive locations, a team of police officials are keeping a continuous vigil at schools in the locality.

Kamlesh Sharma, a new suspect, arrested on Wednesday by the Vinoba Bhave Nagar police in Kurla for trying to entice a minor girl to accompany him, was remanded in police custody till June 29 by the Kurla Metropolitan Magistrate. Officers said they need his custody to verify if he could be the rapist-killer. “Sharma, 41 and bearded, does not match the description of the wanted rapist, supposed to be in his twenties and clean-shaven. However, we are taking no chances and have sought police custody so we can have DNA tests done and keep Sharma available for an identification parade before the girl who had escaped the rapist,” said an officer with the VB Nagar police. So far, there are no other leads in the case.

-articles from various sources rewritten and adapted by admin-


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