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Serial Killer From Jakarta Enjoyed Sodomizing Victims


Baikuni, Babeh a.k.a B, a 48 years old man, has confessed to be a serial killer, in Jakarta Police station. One of his victims is a mutilated boy found around the East Flood Canal last Friday. The other victims are Adi, 12, and Arif, 6, who were both street kids.

Baikuni Babeh aka B, a Jakarta serial killerTo the police, B confessed that, after murdering and sodomizing, a 12 years old Adi, his body was cut in two and dumped in Klender market, East Jakarta. This first crime happened back in 2007.
A year after, B killed again, and this time, it was a 6 years old boy – Arif. The victim’s head was dumped around Warung Jengkol bridge, in Pondok Terate, Pulogadung, East Jakarta, while the rest of the mutilated body was dumped around Pulogadung terminal. B confessed that generally the victims were sodomized and mutilated. “Only Arif wasn’t sodomized becase B pitied him,” said Rangga, his attorney.

As for the mutilated boy found around East Flood Canal, police was unable to identify the body. “When found in a carton box, the victim had been mutilated parts and his head was missing. The victim wasn’t wearing clothes,” said Yudi to Kompas.com when interviewed at the crime scene, Friday. He explained that the body was that of a boy around 8 to 12 years old, with a height around 139 to 145 cm. “The boy has been circumcised. The height is still an estimate, assuming the head was there. He has clear light brown skin. The body had old scars on the back, and a 12 cm scar of a cut on its right arm. The belly button pops out and there’s a mole on the right leg.

According to the suspects attorney, his client experienced sexual pleasure while choking and mutilating his victims. Even though B couldn’t explain why he had an urge to do that. “I only said that he couldn’t control his overwhelming pleasure while choking and mutilating his victims.” He also said that B was a victim of sodomy when he was 12 years old as well.

Jakarta Police stated that they have gathered enough evidence for conviction; among them are the sharp weapon, the wood chopping board, and DNA of all three victims. They also stated that B must be punished hard and street kids should be taken care of. “If the punishment were light, then the people would think that crime toward children, including street kids, is a tolerable thing. The law enforcers must be strict and firm about this”

-article by Rabu rewritten and adapted by admin-


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