After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures.

— Peter Kurten
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Serial Killer Caught Thanks To Facebook


Police have used Facebook to help track down and capture a computer technician, Mark Dizon, 28 years old, in San Fernando City. Authorities believe they have a man suspected of killing nine people, including three foreigners.

serial killer Mark Dizon a computer technician The 28-year-old computer technician was taken into custody Tuesday in San Fernando City in La Union province, 139 miles north of Manila. A serial killer has been caught after he became a Facebook friend with the daughter of one of his victims. He was charged with killing nine people – six Filipinos, an American, a Canadian and a Briton – in three different robberies at hotels and homes this month in Angeles city. Police say the murder rampage began on July 12 when Canadian Geoffrey Allan Bennun, 60, and his Filipino girlfriend were shot to death in a hotel room. Four days later, Briton James Bolton Porter, 51, and his girlfriend were slain by a gunman inside their home. Then last week, American Albert Mitchell, 70, his wife and three Filipino domestic workers were killed inside their house.

“He had an account on Facebook and two witnesses positively identified him,” said police chief of Angeles city, Senior Superintendent Danilo Bautista, “We have an airtight case against him. I believe it is ironclad.” He said Dizon apparently closed his Facebook account after sensing police were on his heels, but two witnesses had already positively identified him using his profile picture.

The good-looking Dizon allegedly befriended the victims first to gain their trust, so they allowed him to go into their homes freely on the pretense of fixing their computers. Dizon then allegedly attacked them using a 9mm pistol and robbed them of valuables, including electronic gadgets. Angeles mayor Edgardo Pamintuan paraded a handcuffed Dizon before press photographers today and said murder charges had been filed against him: “I believe he knew what he was doing, because it was well-planned. It was good that we caught him because he would have struck again.”

-articles by Ted Ajlibe and Ayinde O. Chase, rewritten and adapted by admin-


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