The police shall never catch me, because I have been too clever for them.

— Zodiac Killer
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Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Arrested


Serial Killer, Anthony Sowell, who allegedly killed 11 people whose bodies were found in his house and buried in the yard, finally got arrested walking down the street near his home, after eluding police for two days.

Suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell, an ex marine, appeared in a Cleveland courtroom Wednesday. His lawyer asked for bond, stating that Anthony Sowell was a Cleveland resident, had a medical condition, a pacemaker. Prosecutors argued that the man was an imminent threat to the community. Judge Ronald Adrine denied bond and called the allegations against Anthony Sowell some of the most serious he had ever seen. And although he was only being charged with six counts of aggravated murder, the judge also knew that five more bodies had been found at Anthony Sowell’s east Cleveland residence, bringing the total number of bodies recovered in the house and on the grounds to 11. Authorities are yet uncertain as to how many bodies may actually be buried or hidden on the suspected serial killer’s east Cleveland property.

It is believed that Anthony Sowell did all the killings after he got out of prison in 2005 for a rape conviction where he received a 15-year sentence. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Coroner’s Office reported that seven of the women died of strangulation, six by ligature. The last died of manual strangulation. All were black females and the bodies were in various stages of decomposition, some quite advanced, so it might not be possible to identify everyone.

The reasons for mass murder, brutal assaults and serial killings of women, are unknown and police are still trying to comprehend the magnitude of Sowell’s alleged crimes.

Darnissa Wiley, serial killer’s neighbor says, until recent weeks, there was no reason to suspect what was going on in the house: He had a block party in the summertime. He barbequed for the whole neighborhood. People were going in his house, in his backyard, and no one knew that kind of behavior was going on. Despite the fact that the a strong stench hung in the air, she never tied it to the house or suspected it was decomposing bodies. Some neighbors blamed it on a nearby sausage factory.

-article by saul relative rewritten and adapted by admin-


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