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Serial Drownings – Mississippi River in La Crosse


Eight drunken men have drowned in the Mississippi river in the La Crosse area since 1997. The rumors of a serial drowner on the loose in La Crosse are resurfacing again after the body of 21-year-old Western Technical College student Craig J. Meyers was found in the river the day before yesterday.

Meyers went missing after attending a wedding reception at a La Crosse bowling alley, and visiting two bars on Saturday night. He was found Tuesday in 25 feet of water, about 20 feet from shore. Many people blame alcohol for his and all other deaths, but some people think there has to be more to the story. Even though all the conspiracy theories about college age men that drown in La Crosse have gained national attention, the police doesn’t buy it – they’re treating all the cases as accidents. Other eight victims are: Richard Hlavaty, 19; Charles Blatz, 28; Anthony Skifton, 19; Nathan Kapfer, 20; Jeffrey Geesey, 20; Patrick Runingen, 23; Jared Dion, 21; and Luke Homan, 21.

The FBI has conducted a separate investigation looking for clues that link the deaths, but they say the drownings were a result of too much alcohol. An autopsy on Craig Meyers’ body is scheduled for Thursday morning and preliminary results are expected by Thursday afternoon. There are a lot of theories regarding those nine cases of deaths by drowning, but no conclusive evidence to prove any of these claims. If you want to read more speculations about every one of these cases, I suggest you to visit Missing drowning student mystery page.

And here is a two part video about news investigation into La Crosse deaths:

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-article by Hart Van Denburg rewritten and adapted by admin-


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