The police shall never catch me, because I have been too clever for them.

— Zodiac Killer
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Self-confessed Serial Killer Arrested


Bangladeshi police said Monday they had arrested a 40 year old man, for theft, who confessed to brutal murdering of 11 woman,  garment factory workers in the south of the country in two years, in an attempt to reach the target of 101 serial murders, in revenge bid as he was denied in love nearly 16 years ago.

Chief of the local Faridgonj Police station in Chandpur Ranjit Kumar Palit said a 40 year old Rasu Khan, was initially arrested in Tongi on September 3 for stealing fans from a mosque in Faridganj, and later on he was interrogated regarding a woman murder case in the district. “Police had been investigating the recent murder of a woman in Chandpur Sadar, having been informed of the killing by a mobile phone call. When police tried to trace the number, the SIM was found to be inactive. It was later reactivated. Police arrested the user and found that he had bought the SIM from Khan“, said the Chief.

Being linked to the murder of that woman, Khan eventually confessed that he used to take women somewhere for traveling and then kill them viciously and dump their bodies in river, or other water, he said. He said he killed 10 more women, aged 15-35, up to August this year. He also said he used to rape the women he “liked” before killing them. Others were strangled to death straightaway, before he disposed of their dead bodies.

“We became aware of this man by chance. He lived in the capital with his wife and children and would target young women who lived in Dhaka and worked in garment factories. He would make contact with them using mobile phones and pretend he was interested in them romantically. He’d meet up with them and bring them to Chandpur and then murder them”, Palit said.

Sixteen years ago, the now self-confessed serial killer was living in Tongi, Dhaka. There, he told police, he met a girl, Sharmin, of a rich family. He claims he proposed to her several times but was always rejected. He also says she suffered a severe beating at the hands of her family members, which made him “angry with women“.
“So, I vowed to kill 101 women excepting my wife (as, bizarrely, he did marry—more than once) and then pass rest of the life at a shrine. I targeted to kill 101 women as part of taking avenge against women as the girl whom I loved nearly sixteen years ago did not respond to me”, the now self-confessed serial killer was quoted as saying in his confessional statement.

Khan also said his first victim was his brother-in-law’s wife, whom he killed in early 2007. He acted very well and lured the woman to travel with him to a remote lonely place where he raped and strangled her to death and left the body at the bank of a river. Later on, he said he managed to kill 10 more women, till August this year and was looking for another woman to hunt.

Palit said Khan was remarkably unruffled during interrogation by police while he does not look insane but seemed hard-hearted. The women-hating killer also reportedly appeared oddly at ease describing the cruel murder incidents even when produced before the media.
“I hope I am not caught in any ‘crossfire’, I’d rather be punished according to the law,” Khan said during a police press briefing.

-articles from and rewritten and adapted by admin-


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