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Rodney Alcala – More Possible Victims


California authorities released more than 100 photos of women and children on Thursday that are believed to have been taken by a serial killer Rodney Alcala, who is now on trial. Alcala is convicted of killing 4 women and a girl in 1970s, but police strongly believe there might be more victims.

After releasing the photos, police have received plenty tips on a handful of other women who could be dead or missing. “We’ve received several calls saying that someone in a photo could be so-and-so who’s been missing or found dead,” Patrick Ellis, a detective with the Huntington Beach Police Department said Friday. “The response has been overwhelming, and that’s what we were looking for.”

Ellis said police received tips on as many as four dead or missing women who were identified by other people calling and e-mailing about the photos. “People are saying that they recognize someone from their past, from school or college or the neighborhood beach,” he said. They are trying to determine whether any of the people in the photos were victims of Rodney Alcala, although Ellis stressed that police have not confirmed that any of the women or children in the photos are dead or even missing.

The portrait-style photographs were discovered in a storage unit Alcala kept in Seattle, Washington, said Orange County district attorney spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder. The locker also contained earrings that belonged to Robin Samsoe, the 12-year-old girl whom Alcala abducted and killed in 1979. (Alcala tried to explain he had the earrings before as he was showing clips from the tv show The Dating Game. You can read more about his trial in Suspected Serial Killer Rodney Alcala’s Trial article.)

Here is the video with all the photos found in the locker in a storage unit Alcala kept In Seattle, Washington, and you can also take a look at all the photos on Nancy Grace blog

Anyone with information regarding the identities of the women and children in the photographs found in Alcala’s storage locker is asked to contact the Orange County District Attorney’s Office or the Huntington Beach Police Department.

-article from CNN rewritten and adapted by admin-


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