You’ll never get me. I’ll kill again. Then you’ll have another long trial. And then I’ll do it again.

— Henry Brisbon
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Possible Serial Killings In North Nashville


Police are investigating a possible serial killer operating in Middle Tennessee. They are considering it, because of eerie similarities between at least three homicides in North Nashville over the past year.

Metro police have suspected two of the murders were connected, because they happened across the street from each other on 15th Avenue North. Also, the crime scenes are a lot alike says Detective Dean Haney, but he can’t talk about why as he doesn’t want to give too much information to the killer: “Just the similarities. The way they were found, the manner in which they died. We believe there are similarities there between both of these.”

In February 2009, a man working on the home on 15th Avenue North found the body of Angela Stovall. She had been beaten to death. On July 5, 2010, police found the body of 51-year-old Rosalyn Elaine Williams in a house across the street. She was also beaten to death – “There are indications that there may have been some criminal activities involved with both of these victims and maybe the suspect was somebody they actually knew,” says detective Dean Haney.

There may be other victims as well. In September 2009, police found the body of 33-year-old Virginia Faye Ivory. A neighbor discovered her body near another abandoned house on 23rd Avenue North. Ivory was seven months pregnant. Police said the women were transients who had criminal backgrounds, and it’s hard getting information about them – “Now that they’re gone no one wants to talk about them or remember them or have any information to share with us about that,” said Detective Haney. “We’d like to find someone who would say this person may be involved.”

Anyone with information is asked to called Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME. You can also submit tips through their website at

-article from newschannel5 rewritten and adapted by admin-


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