It satisfied me to seize the women by the neck and suck their blood.

— Vincenz Verzeni
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Derek Brown Tried To Emulate Jack The Ripper


Derek Brown, a killer who tried to copy the murders of notorious serial killer Jack The Ripper has been jailed for life for murdering two young women – DVD seller Xiao Mei Guo and prostitute Bonnie Barrett. Detectives believe he would have become a serial killer if he had not been stopped.

Loner Derek Brown, 48, was told he must server a minimum of 30 years behind bars for the brutal murders of Xiao Mei Guo and Bonnie Barrett. He butchered the women in his flat before disposing of their bodies, which have never been found. Brown picked up these two women in the same Whitechapel area of east London stalked by the Ripper more than a century ago. He has been identified by victims in five other rapes over two decades and is suspected of carrying out further sex attacks. Police believe he may have killed before and are combing crime files across the country to see if his details match up with other cases.

Judge Martin Stephens said Brown had been convicted on “overwhelming” evidence and told him: “You have shown not a sliver of remorse.
“You murdered two women. Both were vulnerable, plying their trade on the streets, in each case falling into your hands precisely because of their availability and their lack of protection.”
He added: “The anguish of both victims’ families is exacerbated, made much worse by their inability to lay each lady to rest.”

Relatives of both victims made emotional appeals for the killer to tell them what he had done with their remains. Police believe Brown might have disposed of them in the river or by dumping them in hospital bins or an industrial compactor at his workplace.

As for the reasons he has committed these terrible crimes, police think he was motivated by sex and a desire to become notorious like Jack the Ripper, who murdered prostitutes in the 19th Century.

-article from The Sun adapted and rewritten by administrator-


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