That’s one of those things I guess that got to be a part of my life-having sexual intercourse with the dead.

— Henry Lee Lucas
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Another Child Prey to Psycho Serial Killer


On Saturday, cops found the naked, decomposed body of a 9 years old girl from an empty house. It’s the fifth such discovery in 4 months in Kurla’s Nehru Nagar. Yet, no arrests have been made.

Psycho Serial Killer preying childrenPolice are yet to nail the rapist who has been driving terror into the hearts of Nehru Nagar residents in Kurla. At 9.30 am on Saturday, residents of Vatsalatai Nagar hutment near Nehru Nagar tipped off police when they found a stench emanating from a shanty, which has been unoccupied for the past three months. When police broke open the door, they found the body of a minor bound by a copper wire. The body was too decomposed to be identified. According to police, there were wounds on the thighs but it will only be ascertained after the post mortem if she was raped. Police called in the parents of eight-year-old Nusrat Shaikh, who had been missing since June 6, to identify the body. Nusrat’s father Khurshid Alam Shaikh, 42, identified the body when he saw her clothes. The room had been sold three months ago. Though there is the possibility of someone dropping a body into the room through a gap in the roof, the police are questioning the owner, hoping he’s the key that will help them unlock this mystery and find the current owner.

“We have detained 30 people in this case,” said Jailendra Khandagale, ACP, Kurla. Nehru Nagar police have also issued a sketch of the suspect. They believe Nusrat’s murderer could be the one behind the other five crimes involving minors in Nehru Nagar. However, they can’t even be certain whether it’s one person, two persons, a group of people behind these 6 cases, or if it’s all just a plain coincidence. The only man authorities have actually arrested in connection with the case is a local goon named Ajmeri, who has been a frequent guest at the police station for several years now. Ajmeri is notorious for breaking into homes in the night and stealing money, mobile phones, and small household articles to support his supposed drug addiction. It’s such an accepted fact that his family doesn’t even make excuses for him.

Other five cases include:

February 9: Body of a five-year-old girl was found in a gunny bag on the staircase of a building in Nehru Nagar, Kurla (E). The post-mortem report revealed that the girl was raped and killed.

March 7: A nine-year-old girl was first murdered and then raped. The accused had dumped the victim’s body on the terrace of the residential quarter of senior police inspector Prakash Kale.

April 27: The father of a seven-year-old girl lodged a complaint with Nehru Nagar police that his daughter was kidnapped by unidentified men who had attempted to rape her.

April 28: An eight-year-old girl was playing near her house in Makadwala compound in Kurla (W) when an unknown person lured her on the pretext of buying her a cold drink. He took her to the terrace of the railway police quarters in Kurla (E), right in front of Nehru Nagar police station, and molested her. However, she managed to escape.

May 12: At Vatsalatai Nagar in Kurla (E), an unidentified man lured a girl aged four-and-a-half to a remote place and tried to molest her. The girl was playing outside her house at around 5.30 pm when a man approached her with a chocolate and five rupees and took her to an isolated place.

-article from SKCentral rewritten and adapted by admin-


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One Comments to “Another Child Prey to Psycho Serial Killer”
  1. swapnali says:

    hi myself swapnali.jaywant shirke….i have few question of this past 4 rape and murder cases………
    1) how can u peoples say that this person is psychotic
    2)is all the girls are given any drugs before raped….is anything is identified in post morterm reports
    3)how many more days will take for the cope to arrest him
    4)is that the sketch is suppected by a cope is that only…….
    5)my request to cope plz arrange a ccv camera in kurla area as epecialy in kurla terminals…….on bus stop……thnx and i hope i vill get my anwers and thnx for ur website

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