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A Serial Killer on The Loose?


A man’s body was found in the killing field on Monday, where the remains of five women have been unearthed – the latest one last week. Lenasia police spokesman Captain Mbulaheni Netshivhodza said the cases could not be linked, but condoms found at the scene could give a clue regarding the killers and killings.

The shock discovery of a Soweto woman’s skull – sticking out of a shallow grave near a railway line – has unearthed a killing field of women’s bones and bodies. And police are probing the possibility that a serial killer and rapist – or two or more – is on the loose. The body of the woman, who disappeared two years ago after testifying in court against a man who had conned her, was found last week when a woodcutter noticed a skull protruding from the soil in a secluded area next to the railway line in Lenasia.

And it wasn’t the first time a body had been found in the area, he said. In February, a decomposing body was found there by a passer-by. The body is still lying in the government mortuary because nobody has claimed it. Netshivhodza said the bodies of at least five women were found in the same area last year. He did not have the exact number of bodies found in the area, but there were many, he said. “They were found in different areas, but not far from each other.” Some were naked, others half-naked, and post-mortem results revealed they had been raped. Netshivhodza said police believed the serial killer or killers had abducted the women from various areas, then raped and killed them in the veld in Lenasia near the Waterworks informal settlement. He also said most of the victims had not been identified.

Now police are investigating how the man, aged between 25 and 30, had died. “He had injuries on the face and bruises on his body. It looks like the body has been there for two days. His face was swollen and covered in blood. The injuries do not show that an object was used,” he said. The deceased was dressed in blue jeans and a long-sleeved white T-shirt.

Despite the danger in the area, people were still walking through the veld. It was not clear whether they were aware that a skeleton had been found there. Netshivhodza added: “These people don’t want to listen to us. This place is dangerous. Next to the grave, there were used condoms. The condoms looked like they have been used recently. So you never know if there is someone lurking in the veld.”

He also urged people who know of any woman who has gone missing to contact the police.

-article by Solly Maphumulo rewritten and adapted by admin-


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