I’ll kill the first man that bothers me.

— Karl Panzram
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Charels Manson’s Murders


In San Francisco, Manson displayed a surprising charisma, attracting young drop-outs of both sexes, drawn from all strata of white society. For Charles Manson, religion was a strong force that he used to manipulate the minds of his followers. When Charles was 34 he decided he wanted a family. Charles started to attract a group of followers, many of whom were young women with troubled lives, rebelling against their parents and society. All of Charlie’s followers were weak willed people who were na├»ve, gullible, and easy to lead. Manson used LSD and amphetamines to alter his followers’ personalities.

Manson grew obsessed with death and “Helter Skelter,” his interpretation of a Beatles song predicting race war in America. In Manson’s view, once “blackie” had been driven to the point of violence, helpless whites would be annihilated, leaving Manson and his family to rule the roost. Charlie’s concept was that when the war was over the Manson “family” would be one of the only white families left. Then, the Manson “family” would rule the world, because the blacks could not handle it. Manson’s “family” referred to Charles as “God” or “Jesus Christ.” The family traveled around California trying to find a place to join together and live – surviving off of stealing and scavenging.

Charlie Manson was a manipulating people who almost always got his will trough. The police believe that he was not the one who murdered his victims directly, he ordered his followers to commit the murders. Charlie Manson had full control over his sect “The Family” and the first victim of his cruelty was Gary Hinman, a Los Angels drug dealer. The murder after that was a mass murder where five persons were killed. The murder was took place in Roman Polanski’s home. Abigail Folger, Steven Parent and Voiytek Frykowski were all shoot and stabbed several times. Sharon Polanski and Jay Sebring was both stabbed and hung. This was big news for the media because it happened to famous people. The famous director Roman Polanski was shocked after getting the news that his wife who was 8 months pregnant had been murdered together with five four of his friends. This was not the end for Manson and his “Family”. Two days after the mass murder Leno and Rosemary LeBianca was found stabbed in their home. The last murder preformed by Manson and his “family” and their victim was the former stuntman Donald Shea.

Ironically, Manson’s downfall came about through a relatively petty crime. On the night of September 18-19, 1969, members of the family burned a piece of road-grading equipment that was “obstructing” one of their desert dune buggy routes. Arson investigators traced the evidence to Manson, and he was arrested again on October 12. A day later, Susan Atkins was picked up in Ontario, California, and she soon confided details of the Tate-LaBianca murders to cellmates in Los Angeles. Sweeping indictments followed, but even Manson’s removal from circulation could not halt the violence – some of his family members continued killing and getting killed…

Charged with the seven Tate-LaBianca murders, Manson and three of his female disciples – Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten – went to trial in June 1970.