There is no happiness without tears,no life without death. Beware! I am going to make you cry.

— Lucian Staniak
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Interesting Informations


Date of birth: October 16, 1936
Location: Yablochnoye, Ukraine
Birth order: 2nd child of 3
Number of siblings: 2
XYY?: No but Chikatilo’s blood was Type A, but his sperm was type AB, this was a one in a million chance.

Served in the military? Yes for 3 years
Branch: Army
Type of discharge: Completed his term
Saw combat duty: No
Killed enemy during service? No
Applied for job as a cop? No
Worked in law enforcement? No
Fired from jobs? Yes, 3-5 teaching jobs (1 asked to resign or be fired)
Types of jobs worked: Teacher, Traveling sales, Telephone engineer
Employment status during series: Traveling, Salesman
Teased while in school? Yes, was bullied and called names

Physically attractive? No
Physical defect? Yes he was nearsighted but was too afraid/embarrassed to tell anyone about it
Speech defect? No
Head injury? Lesions on brain and water on the brain at time of birth
Physically abused? Yes
Psychologically abused? Chikatilo was always mocked for his impotence and that people always teased him all through his life
Sexually abused? No
Father’s occupation: Peasant and laborer
Age of first sexual experience: 18, jumped on a girl who was 13, wrestled her to the ground and ejaculated as the girl struggled in his grasp.
Age when first had intercourse: 19; he tried twice but his attempts we unsuccessful
Mother’s occupation: Homemaker and Laborer
Father abused drugs/alcohol: No
Mother abused drugs/alcohol: No
Sexual preference: Hetero but some sources say homo

Marital status: Married
Number of children: 2; daughter Lyudmilla and son Yuri
Lives with his children: Yes
Living with: Spouse and children

Number of victims: 52 +
Victim type: Young women, and children
Killer age at start of series: 42
Date of first kill in series: December 22, 1978
Date of final kill in series: November 6, 1990
Gender of victims: Male and Female
Race of victims: White and Russian
Age of victims: 7- adult

Type of victim: Young women, prostitutes, alcoholics, mentally disturbed women and children(boys and girls) and teenagers
Method of killing: Stabbing and Strangling
Weapon: Yes brought with him; knives (had 23)
Type of serial killer: Disorganized Serial Killer and missionary because he began to see himself not as a killer but a cleanser of society
How close did killer live? A lot of his killing were on trips and at various train stations all over Russia, very few were committed close to his home
Location of first contact: Streets, Buses and Train stations
Location of killing: All in secluded areas off of streets and side roads
Killing occurred in home of victim? No
Killing occurred in home of killer? Yes; bought a second house for sex and then killed the girls and threw the bodies in the woods and rivers
Tortured victims? Yes
Quick & efficient? Sometimes but sometimes he would tortured the victim for a while and kept them alive.
Ate part of the body? Yes the tips of tongues, nipples, genitals were cut off. The cutting off and even chewing the genitals became a ritual of Chikatilo. Unlike a cannibal, he does not actually appear to have swallowed human flesh.
Took totem – body part: No
Took totem – personal item: No, but he would take their clothes and or their purses and throw them deeper into the woods or somewhere around the victim.

Date killer arrested: November 20, 1990
Date convicted: October 15, 1992
Killer executed? Yes gunshot to the back of the head
Date of death: February 14, 1994