Every man to his own tastes. Mine is to corpses.

— Henri Blot
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..Welcome to the world of serial killers – feel free to take an inside look into their twisted minds..

Here are a couple of things you should know before you decide exploring this website:

Something like a disclaimer:

I created twistedminds.com during a lot of sleepless nights, so please, do not use or reproduce any part of this website without contacting me and giving me proper credits. Keep in mind that I am not a psychology student, and I have no real qualifications in this field. However, I read all the available material and am really interested in this type of criminal activity. Having said that, I might as well add that none of the information is solely written by me – I have used a couple of different resources to write each article (unless stated otherwise), and I gave the proper CREDITS to every source I have used while creating the twistedminds.com

A short introduction of what you might find here:

TwistedMinds.com is a website about serial killers – including psychological explanations of this type of criminal activity as well as information about six, in my opinion, most notorious serial killers. Use side navigation for the main categories and then fallow tabs for subcategories. If you’re having a hard time finding your way through twisted minds, or if you just want it all listed out, plain and simple, check out the sitemap. There is also a Google powered search button on the right side, which you can use for locating content inside twisted minds as well as on World Wide Web.
If you like the website or have some positive criticism or you just want to ask me something, go ahead and sign my guestbook or contact me, whatever you feel more comfortable with. A little bit of feedback is always appreciated and makes all the hard work worth it.

And please, read the Warning statement below and then you’re good to go! Thanks for visiting, I hope you will find what you are looking for and come back some time soon!


I must also add that, even though I am amazed at how those people’s minds work, I don’t glamorize anything about murder, nor I think that serial killers or any other kind of deviant behavior should be admired at all – I think they all deserve nothing but the worst punishment there is. It’s actually a psychology of human mind and its development from early age as well as the environmental effects on each individual that really interests me. None of the pictures are by all means offensive, I was thinking about putting up real crime scene photos, but decided against it. There are some gross descriptions of serial killers’ victims and the way they killed them in Serial Killers category. The rest of the information is scientific and include psychological explanations of different kinds of disorders, criminal activity and deviant human behavior. Nevertheless, if you do think you will find my website content offensive in any way, please, leave now. Thanks!