I knew long before I started killing that I was going to be killing, that it was going to end up like that. The fantasies were too strong.

— Edmund Kemper
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Credits To Everyone

Interesting Websites And Articles You Should Read

…and a big thank you to their creators!

  • Crime Case Files – a great forum containing up to date information about forensic science and crime related news
  • deathndementia.com – a huge database with links to number of crime related websites. Worth checking out!
  • TruTV – This was my No1 resource – here you can find a lot of very interesting articles about psychological disorders, and detailed stories about some of the most notorious serial killers.
  • carpenoctem.tv – an interesting website with a list of serial killers and their biographies. It also contains some interesting info about mafia, conspiracy theories etc. it’s a must see!
  • Modus Operandi – a great resource for everything related to serial killers!
  • Serial Killer Pages – a lot of serial killers biographies with some of the best pictures around
  • John Douglas – if you are interested in criminal profiling, don’t miss mind hunter, a website by John Douglas, containing some extraordinary articles about criminal profiling and psychological behaviour of offenders. You can also check out the collection of books he wrote.
  • Crime Archives – a great database with a lot of info about serial killers, mass murderers, cannibals… very interesting
  • Into The Abyss – biographies of serial killers and a little bit of psychological info
  • Serial Murderers – an interesting website with serial killer list, photos, quotes and more.
  • FBI – a part of the FBI website where you can read about serial murder and investigation issues
  • Ed Gein – a story about serial killer Ed Gein, with a nice compilation of links for further reading
  • Ted Bundy – a website about serial killer Ted Bundy and his victims
  • Jeffrey Dahmer – a great resource with plenty of interesting information about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Charles Manson – a website about Charles Manson and his ‘family’
  • Andrei Chikatilo – interesting info and pictures on everything related to serial killer Andrei Chikatilo
  • Joycex – a big thank you to Joycex from DeviantArt for letting us use his stock photography. I used his photo Industrial Decay as a part of the header.

I also used these two books Serial Killers – The Method And Madness of Monsters and The Serial Killers Files as a resource and I owe a big thank you to their authors – Peter Vronsky and Harold Schechter. If you happen to come across these two, I’d suggest you to read them! (a click on the book cover will take you to amazon – a place where you can buy and read reviews on books)